Refund/Cancellation Terms

If amount is debited from your bank account despite a failed payment transaction, the on us will be on your bank to reverse the amount.

In case you have attempted to make an online payment of a transaction more than once, and PSFPL have received the amount more than once, PSFPL reserve the right to adjust it
against additional EMI to wards your loan Account . In case PSFPL decide store fund the excess amount, it will be made through cheque with in 1 month of claim.

For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this policy shall require PSFPL to refund the amount paid through payment gateway unless such amount has been paid more than once.

Customer will have to claim any refund with in 15 days.

In case customer is having more than one account , then PSFPL reserves the right to adjust the total receipts towards anyone/more account in what ever proportion it any deemfit irrespective of the bifurcation provided by customer.

Please be informed that no payments should be made to any individual executive’s personal account. Management will not take responsibility for such payments.